Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Sarfaraz speaks to Q8India in an exclusive candid interview

Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Sarfaraz

Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Sarfaraz

Mr. Aijaz, Managing Director of Sahara Air-Conditioning Company, Kuwait.

Sahara Air-Conditioning Company is one of the leading Companies in Kuwait Specialized for the Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Air-Conditioning Systems for Residential, industrial and for the oil sector.

Mr. Aijaz arrived in Kuwait in 1984 and started a humble career, since then he has travelled a long path of success in his career. Today he is the managing director of company with more than 800 employees with successful track record.

Mr. Aijaz hails from Lucknow, one of the amazing cities of India and belonged to a modest middle-class family.

Q: Tell us something about your personal life?

Mr. Aijaz: I came to Kuwait in the year 1984 with a dream to have a modest career to help my family back home, I’m fortunate that God blessed me with successful career. Now I’m responsible to take care of company with more than 800 employees.

I lost my father when I was 12 years of age. I had difficulties during my education, I used to borrow books from my friends. My mother Saeeda Khatoon supported me very well during those difficult days. May Allah bless her. I dedicate all my success to her as she is the reason for what I’m today. I also owe my success to my wife Shagufta Qidwai, my brother Mr. Zafar Akhtar, General Manager Royal International Co and my father in- law Mr. Saghir Ahmed Qidwai for giving me valuable advices and guidance when it was needed.

I’m blessed with two sons Nidal Ahmad and Bilal Ahmad. Nidal Ahmad completed his Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently doing Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Management from the University of Glasgow Scotland UK.  Last year he climbed highest Single Mountain of the world Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania, South Africa for Child Reach Charity and raised the Indian flag. My second son Bilal Ahmad completed his Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Dundee Scotland UK

Q: Tell us something about your role in Sahara AC Company

Mr. Aijaz: At Sahara we do Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Air-Conditioning Systems for Residential, industrial and for the oil sector, I look after the operation and make sure of smooth functioning of work. We have more than 800 employees from various nationalities. I’m proud to say that we have around 200 employees from my relatives and from my hometown. I always believe that we should empower and support our relatives and our home town first along with helping others.

Q: We hear lot about your involvement in social service activity, tell us something about it.

Mr. Aijaz: I believe that, one of the way to thank God for blessing me successful career is by helping needy and deserving people. With this aim, I have adopted my village back in UP, I try my level best to help people of my village by giving them job opportunities in our company. We support poor and deserving people with medicine and free treatment, we also give special financial support as reward to anyone who scores above 70% in their academic education.

My advice and message to all is to make sure to support and guide to all the members of your family especially to the family children’s for their good and continuous education, so that they can also have the best, bright & successful future in time to come.

Q: You have spent more than three decades in Kuwait, How do you feel about it.

Mr. Aijaz: I would like to express my profound appreciation for the country and the people of Kuwait. Today, after being in Kuwait and serving this great country for nearly three decades, I feel that the word ‘great’ fully justifies for the government and people of Kuwait with their great humanitarian values and helping attitude, which are beneficial to everyone living in this country. My heart, my soul and all my sincerities are always there for this country.

Q: On the occasion of 71st Indian Independence Day, Your message to the Indian community in Kuwait.

Mr. Aijaz: It is very nice to note that the Indian community in Kuwait is the largest expatriate group and the most vibrant. There are more than 300 + Indian Associations in Kuwait and most of them are very active. Indian community is one of the most respected community in Kuwait. This is because of dedication and sincerity shown by all Indians. I request one and all to live up to this respect by living a peaceful life, by abiding to the law of the land, by being sincere in what we do here. Never do something which might harm the name and reputation of India.

My humble request to all Indian community in Kuwait to take up some social service cause from India and help in improving the condition of poor and deserving Indians.

Finally I would like to congratulate each and every one on this special occasion of 71st Indian Independence Day celebration. I also would like to Thank for publishing this colorful magazine. I wish them best of luck.

Q8India: We would like to Thank Mr. Aijaz for giving us time in his busy schedule for a candid talk. We really enjoyed talking to him.  


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