How A Whale Ended Up On The Banks Of River Seine In Paris

On Saturday morning, the city of Paris woke up to a 50-foot-long sperm whale beached on the banks of the Seine River. But how did a whale, creatures typically found in saline water oceans, end up on the banks of a fresh water river? Well, it turns out that the ‘dead whale’ is actually an art installation. According to Mashable, the whale was brought to Paris by Captain Boomer Collective, a Belgian art collective that aims to spread awareness about whales and the effect humans have on their habitat.

whale paris

Captain Boomer Collective’s hyper-real, life-sized whale model has created quite a stir in Paris. On social media, users reported that it even smelled like a real whale.

The Mirror reports that the whale model will be on display till Sunday.

whale paris

According to Captain Boomer Collective’s website, viewers of the art installation also get educated about sperm whales through interactions with real scientists on the spot.

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