Watch This Daredevil Ride A Hoverboard, Play Basketball On A Skyscraper

If you don’t do too well with heights and/or stunts performed on tall skyscrapers, now would be a good time to look away. A video that’s gone viral on social media shows a thrillseeker from Russia performing the most fascinating yet fear-inducing stunts on a high-rise building in Hong Kong. No, he doesn’t just walk on the roof of the skyscraper, which would be scary enough for most regular people. This man rides a hoverboard and plays basketball on the ledge of the building without any protective gears. Chances are you’ll be very nervous watching him.

In the video posted on June 1, Instagram user olegcricket can be seen wiping the ledge since it was drizzling and then placing the hoverboard on it. He is then seen riding it while holding a selfie stick with a camera attached to it. Next he’s seen playing basketball and performing summersaults on that same ledge. At one point, he even rides the hoverboard and plays basketball, both at the same time.

The video has received over 4.6 lakh views on Instagram and on YouTube the video has collected over a million views so far. While several people love the video, others have commented saying such stunts, which involve risking one’s life, shouldn’t be performed.

“I am sweating,” says one Instagram user on the video. “I can’t breathe while watching this,” says another.

“Please stop this. You could die, life is such a fantastic gift,” says one commenter. “Dude this is ridiculous. There are tons of people who die trying to copy what you do. Stop supporting the trend that putting your life at risk for a video is worth it!! I know you’re skilled, but putting your life in danger isn’t worth anything,” says another.


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