Hyderabad Boy Stands Up To Four Stray Dogs. Video Is Viral

A video of a little boy bravely standing up to four street dogs has gone viral. Posted on YouTube, the video description says that the incident took place in the Kukatpally area of Hyderabad on May 27. The CCTV footage shows two children walking down a dark road at 12.40 am. However, when a dog sleeping on the road wakes up, the girl bolts at top speed. The little boy, however, stays there to courageously fights off four dogs that surround him in a matter of  seconds.

Shared on May 28, the video has over one lakh views.

Watch the full clip below:

Even though he is surrounded by dogs, the boy in the video escapes by pretending to hit them with a stone, but never once actually harming him. In the end, he can be seen walking away calmly, unharmed.

On YouTube, the boy’s courage has earned him praise and appreciation, with many calling him a hero.


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