Watch This Man’s Hilarious Meltdown As A Snake Tries To Bite His Bottom

A Thai man’s reaction to being ‘almost’ bitten by a snake is the most hilarious and relatable thing you’ll come across on internet today.

The video shows a young man inside what looks like an internet cafe. As he nonchalantly walks towards the entrance and opens the door, a sly snake crawls into the premise and everything else after this will have you rolling on the floor.

The man realises a snake is trying bite him on his back side and all hell breaks loose. He starts running like a headless chicken trying to get the snake off his case, but instead ends up hitting an unsuspecting man who goes down like a bowling pin.

The man does successfully escape the snake’s grip but not before giving us internet gold!

To save their lives, the men in the internet cafe get on top of chairs while there is no clue of the slithering snake who is perhaps somewhere in the corner.

The incident reportedly happened in Wiset Chai Chan District in Thailand on April 8.


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