Teacher Slaps Student. She Slaps Her Back. It Doesn’t End There

Teaching is a demanding job. Handling so many students can get difficult and taxing at times. Especially teenagers.

A video from China has gone viral for capturing something you don’t see happening very often in classrooms. The video, originally posted on Chinese social networking site Weibo, shows a teacher hitting a student. But it was far from over.

The teacher can be seen scolding the girl, reportedly for bad behaviour. Dismissing the teacher, she provokes the teacher to slap her as she points to her face. As things heat up, the teacher hits the student but to everyone’s shock, the student immediately slaps the teacher back. Within seconds, the situation escalates and the teacher and student get into a scuffle which is broken by other students of the class.

It’s not clear where in China the video was taken. A version of the video has over 2 million views.

People on social media were horrified to see the student-teacher fight. While most criticised the student for her irreverent behaviour, many argued that the teacher was in the wrong too.

“Just send the girl out of the classroom. It’s her loss for not able to follow the class lessons. Send her a warning letter and get her expelled if she can’t comply. See if her parents are happy to apply to a new school. See who is at loss? No need to slap. Teacher is wrong too” wrote Jack Jack.

“The teacher has no right to slap even if the student is wrong! Teacher is the one who teaches how to behave and should be an example for students. Now the teacher is acting like a shrew in class. No wonder why they act like an animal, it’s all come from the teacher!” said Mona Mona.

“That’s not a good example for other students. Parents of that girl are to blame, and of course a bit to teacher. She has to learn to control her aggression. Of course its not easy to teach, a lot of responsibility she has,” said Mahmadali Ismatulloi.

“Back in the days we would never think about hitting our teachers, kids these days have no respect for elders and teachers and parents! This ain’t America, you can’t do whatever you want!!!” wrote Eugene Wong.

“That is indeed a crude young girl BUT NO TEACHER HAS THE RIGHT TO TOUCH ANOTHER STUDENT!!!” said David Newlee.


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