Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducts Women’s Empowerment Seminar

With an objective to widen the horizon of grassroots public engagement and action on gender issues and women’s empowerment initiatives and thereby strengthening the social foundations of both personal and public life of women, Welfare Kerala Kuwait conducted a Women’s empowerment seminar on International Women’s day at Pravasi auditorium, Kuwait.  “The essential bravery for an Empowered woman” was the theme of the seminar and was inaugurated by Dr. Hyma Reddy founder of “life again movement”.  She has been well known for her re-birth after her fight against cancer. She now actively devotes her life for eliminating the pain of thousands of needy cancer patients.  “Don’t be a slave of your past, be creative and joyful in your day to day life and share your happiness with others” she urged the packed audience.  Razeena Mohiudeen presented the topic.

Welfare Kerala Kuwait Vice President Mini Venu Gopal in her presidential address said that women should come to the forefront of governance not only in the household administration but also in building the nation through political engagements. Addressing the audience Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi award winner Sunil Cherian reiterated that the history of women in India has been eventful and many women have held high offices including that of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Leader of the Opposition, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers and Governors. Hence by learning lessons from the rich tradition, the modern women also should come forth and show her bravely to perform their effective role in building the society,

Leaders from various organizations actively participated in the seminar including famous writers and social reform activists like Dharma Raj, Shobha Suresh, Keerthi Sumesh, Shiny Franco, Khaleelurahman and Anwar Saed.  The discussion dwelled on wide-ranging issues affecting women in a male dominated world. The participants discussed the way forward in bringing about tangible changes in the community in creating gender equality and achieving women’s empowerment in all realms of social, political, education and economic life and significantly in strengthening the social foundations of women in political struggle.

Mini Venugopal presented the memento to Dr. Hyma Reddy, Abdul Ghafoor Thrithala rendered poems and a Documentary on the subject prepared by Raziya Nizar was presented, Rafeeq Babu handled the instant quiz session, and Waheeda Faisal compered the program. Earlier Simi Akbar welcomed the gathering and Manju Mohan with her thought provoking speech concluded the session by saying that Women in India will remain backward until they are not socially and politically empowered and should show the bravery to resist with power the exploitation and harassment.


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