Jaipur Cafe Employee Slapped Customer, This Video Goes Viral

In a video that is being widely shared on Twitter, an employee at a popular coffee outlet in Jaipur is seen slapping a customer. According to a post shared by Twitter user Nikhil Anand Singh, law student Arpan Verma allegedly spotted cockroaches inside a refrigerator at a Cafe Coffee Day outlet. Mr Verma shot a video on his mobile phone, pointing towards the cockroaches and then an employee. The woman employee can then be seen walking up to Mr Verma and slapping him, after which the video abruptly ends. The coffee chain says it is aware of the incident and is investigating.


The video has been retweeted almost 900 times since it was shared on March 25. It is followed by a snapshot of a short statement by Mr Verma which details the incident.


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