IMA Conducts Spectacular Annual Family Picnic 2017

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) has organized its yearly ‘IMA Family Desert Picnic’ on Friday, 24th March 2017. IMA has been organizing this event regularly every year. It is one of the most awaited and highlighted event of IMA which brings out hundreds of families and friends together to spend some quality time in a beautiful location, away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.

The theme of the event was taken from the verse of Quran “O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly]” Surah Al-Baqarah [2:208]. And the event was perfectly canvassed with the theme and was giving out a very beautiful picture throughout.

The organizers of IMA had planned the event very smoothly from pickup points to drop without any hindrance and provided all the amenities and services required at the venue. The premises had separate tents for men and women. 

Breakfast was arranged for the participants. The event started with the Quran recitation followed by welcome speech of Mr. Rizwan Ahmed, Chief Organizer of the event giving instructions of the programJaved Ahmed, introduced the IMA VISION 2026,which is an initiative to support mega Vision 2016 program undertaken by Indian NGO Human Welfare Foundation to address acute humanitarian problems faced by several underdeveloped areas in India.  IMA VISON 2026 initiative supports many projects related to the field of education, health care facilities, vocational centers for ladies, micro finance facilities for providing interest free loans, disaster relief programs in emergency situations, community development programs, mass marriages, orphan age sponsorships and drinking water projects to name a few which will ultimately benefit more than three million Indian Muslims.

Mr. Masood Shahab, President IMA delivered speech on the important topic of “Hold the rope of Allah strongly”. Unity in the community and said that we have to shun marginal differences and unite for the cause of the community.  He further emphasized to follow teaching of peaceful coexistence and harmony while living in multi-cultural societies

Various games and activities were arranged such as football, volleyball, kabaddi, running race, short put and tug of war. Similar activities were conducted for women separately in the area designated for them with female volunteers.

IMA PR conducted a parallel session “Mushaira” Urdu poetry for the Literature and poetry loving participants. Many prominent Urdu Poets presented their poetry and got applauses from the audience. The audience had lots of fun and appreciated the poets with big applauses.

Friday sermon was given by SharafuddinB.S and he highlighted the importance understanding broader concept of Islamic teachings, which encompass everything for the successful life in both worlds.

The chief guests of the event Dr. Abdullah A-Ateeqi (Bo Qutaibah), Abdullatif Al-Munaifi, Mr. Mohammad Kohiya (Bo Muhannad) & Mr. Mohammad Ali along with Mr. Abdul Momin from Masjid Al Kabeer attended the program. They appreciated the efforts taken by IMA for organizing such an event and congratulated IMA. They also said that Indian Muslims are one of the most respected and brightest communities in the world. 

kids program was conducted with video & live skit performance on the topic of “Respect your parents”, “Respect your neighbors” and a beautiful speech on Islam & morality which followed with the national song of India.

IMA Youth wing presented a cultural act play on the topic of “Enter into Islam completely”.                        

More than 100 Prizes were awarded to the winners and runners; men women and children, who participated in sports and games competitions.  

A raffle draw was conducted and names of 9 winners were announced. The Raffle draw winners will avail an opportunity to go for an “Umrah Trip”. The program concluded with Al-Asr prayers.


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