Kangaroo breaks into house to sleep with couple

A couple were left stunned when they discovered a kangaroo had jumped through their bedroom window and got in to bed with them.

The Australian couple heard their bedroom window smash and soon found themselves saddled up alongside the six foot animal at their home in Melbourne.

Bill McConnell, 77, recalled the moment he discovered the animal beside him and his wife Norma. He said: “An almighty crash and the next thing we’ve got this kangaroo through the front window of our bedroom.

“It landed on the bed only a matter of a few feet from my wife’s head. It smashed the glass, of course, so it must have taken a running jump at the window.”

The duo were unsure as to what provoked the animal to burst into their house and snuggle up to them.

Bill told the Herald Sun Online: “I don’t know whether it was frightened by something or whether it saw its reflection in the window — but being outside and then jumping through the window seems quite an unusual thing to happen.”


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