Signature campaign against Uniform Civil Code in Kuwait

Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic)

PRESS RELEASE – 08.11.2016


Signature campaign against Uniform Civil Code in Kuwait by Federation of All Kuwait Tamil Islamic Associations


A signature campaign was induced by the Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic) with Federation of All Kuwait Tamil Islamic Associations with thousands of Indian Muslims including non-Muslims in Kuwait.

All fellow associations followed the same signature declaration form circulated behalf of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) opposing the Uniform Civil Code.

“The Constitution of India has provided complete freedom to the followers of all faiths to practice their own religion. We therefore do not accept Uniform Civil Code in any forms of addition / deletion or modifications. We are with All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to save and protect Shariath law,’’ states the declaration.

“We are fully satisfied with the commands of Islamic laws, especially on Islamic orders related to nikah, talaq (divorce) khula, fusqh and virasat (heritage). We are fully satisfied with and strongly deny the possibility of any type of change in them,’’ it said.

Maulana Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavee, General Secretary of Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic) and Khateeb of the K-Tic Tamil Masjid in Khaithan, Kuwait said the signatures of thousands of individuals, including women, has been collected and sent to the AIMPLB for presentation in the Supreme Court.

“In the light of a campaign by 5,000 signatures, we are going to produce signatures of all the Ummah supporting triple talaq. The triple talaq is a statement of the Holy Quran. They are part of the rules from Allah,’’ Maulana Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavee said.

The forms were distributed at all the areas during Friday holidays. Responding to appeals by Kuwait Tamil Islamic associations, people took home the forms, signed them along with family members and submitted them to the respective associations.

Each form can be signed by seven adult family members along with their names and addresses.

The filled-in and signed forms were forwarded to AIMPB, which propose to submit them to the President and the Law Commission.

AIMPB, the apex body of Indian Muslims comprising organizations representing all schools of Islamic thought, has taken up the signature campaign while boycotting the questionnaire sent by the Law Commission.

The questionnaire circulated by the law commission had 16 questions that seems to an indication for acceptance of a uniform civil code.

It argues that the questionnaire is heavily loaded in favor of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) trying to push or implement forcibly on citizens.


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