Kozhikode District NRI Association (KDNA)

Kozhikode District NRI Association is a renowned expatriate association that is registered with the Embassy of India in Kuwait. This non political, secular, democratic and social organization strives for the welfare of the Indian community particularly those hailing from the Kozhikode district, Kerala. The organization also encourages charity and endeavour to improve its native community’s cultural, artistic & business talents.

Some of the other activities of KDNA include celebrating annual Christmas, conducting the mega carnival Malabar Mahotsavam and other major Indian festivals in a grand manner along with its member as well as non-members.

Contact Details

Mr. Azeez Thikkodi, President

Mob : 9920 5331, email:pr@kdnakuwait.com

Mr. Sathyan Varoonda, Gen. Secretrary

Mob: 6668 9239, email:gs@kdnakuwait.com

Mr. Zaheer Alakkal, Treasurer

Mob: 5139 5342, email:tr@kdnakuwait.com



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