IMA Youth Wing

IMA Youth Wing is a youth and students’ organization, which aims at developing the personality of youth and students associated with a view to make them good human beings who contribute positively to the society at large. Youth Wing provides a common platform for presenting spiritual, educational, moral and ethical values, supporting community and social services and fostering good relations with other communities and organizations.

Our Mission
The mission of IMA Youth Wing is to motivate youth and students for positively contributing to the development of the society and upholding the spiritual, moral and ethical values amongst the Youth.
Organizational Structure
IMA President is the chief patron of IMA Youth Wing under whom falls the CAC (Central Advisory Council). The CAC comprises President, Secretary, Joint Secretary & seven elected CAC members. The Working Committee comprises the CAC and the departmental / zonal heads. The CAC forms the policies and plans; thereafter the Working Committee executes the Policy Program in co-ordination with different Departments.
Local Units are based in Camps and smaller localities located in various zones. Programs are arranged in local areas and make Youth & Student the members of the Organization into two, as members and associates.

Mobile: +965-97124000
Web: IMA Youth Wing


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