I’m a big fan of Tesla and Elon Musk in particular as both have an amazing vision to make the world better place to live.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to test drive Tesla Model S, actually one of my Kuwaiti friend owns one and ever since i saw it, i had expressed willingness to try it. We both set out for a test drive, he was kind enough to explain all the new features of the car. Believe me Tasla cars are one of a kind. There are many features which are unique and new, below are some of the features i loved from Model-S

Amazing Agility 

With quick steering, sharp turn-in, and tightly controlled body motions, you can turn this car any direction at great speed, this means if you want to over take someone, you can do it with amazing speed.

One-pedal driving 

For some this must be new thing to hear, Yes you can drive this car with just one pedal, yes you heard it right, As you press accelerator, car moves and as you take off your foot, it slows down. Just one pedal, this means, less you press the break pedals more life they will have.

Big Screen !

Tesla cars come with an huge screen in front dashboard, the screen is insanely large and super crisp. It’s almost like an huge vertical tablet. you can browse internet, maps and do all the settings of car from screen. settings like car driving mode ie. sports/normal. I felt, sometime it’s distracting for drivers to have such a big screen in front of you with loads of options.

NOTE: This article is still ‘work in progress’, I will keep updating as and when i get time