Collective actions planned against the Indian Passport colour change move – Welfare Kerala Kuwait says

Protest is mounting against the Indian government’s passport reform plan with active Indian expats organizations in Kuwait planning collective actions against the move. It has been a week since the government announced its plan to drop the last page that contains endorsements of family relationships, Indian address and Emigration Clearance Required [ECR] status of passport holders.  The government has also decided to change the passport jacket colour from navy blue to orange for ECR category citizens. The ECR status is issued for applicants who have not passed matriculation (grade 10) and not paying income tax. They need to secure emigration clearance from the Protector of Emigrants when they seek overseas jobs in 18 countries, including the GCC countries.

Welfare Kerala Kuwait along with the Indian expats in Kuwait have been widely critical against these plans citing discrimination against blue-collar workers holding ECR passports and practical difficulties expats may face without valid documents to prove their family relationships and address. Welfare Kerala Kuwait hence called all the active organizations from Kerala and organized a brain storming session at Pravasi auditorium, Abbasiya to discuss the matter and to chalk out future action plan.

An adhoc committee has been formed in the said meeting with the involvement of leaders from major Keralite organizations in Kuwait. Krishnan Kadalundi (OICC & KDNA), Sunny Mannarkad(Media Forum) Sathar Kunnil (IMCC), Faisal Manjery (KIG), Alex (KJPA), Safeer P. Haris (JCC), Mubarak Kambarath (KPWA), Khaleelurahman, Anwar Saed and Razeena Mohiudheen (WKK) are the adhoc committee members who expressed their strong protest and will discuss the matter further with other Indian organizations and decide future action plans. Malappuram Jilla Association President Manoj Kurian, PCF representative Ansar Kulathuppuzha, Anwar Sadat, Ashraf Vaakath (WKK) were also talked during the discussions and expressed their full support for the protest move.  Similar meetings and action plans were also held in other GCC and mass petitions to Indian President and legal action against the government move were planned. Welfare Kerala Kuwait hope that these collective actions and mass protest will pressurise the Indian Government to revoke their discriminative move on the Indian Passport reform.

Khaleelu Rahman inaugurated the discussion, Majeed Narikkodan welcomed the gathering, Anwar Saed controlled the discussion and Anwar Shaji proposed vote of thanks.


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