Even Congress should be ‘Congress-mukt’, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that even the Congress should be ‘Congress-mukt’ (free of Congress), that is, free of a culture that propagates ills like casteism, dynasty, and corruption.
“When I say Congress-free India, it’s not related to election outcomes. I would want that even the Congress party on its own should free itself of the Congress culture. It would be in the country’s interest,” PM Modi said in an interview to Times Now editor-in-chief Rahul Shivshankar and managing editor Navika Kumar.
The PM noted that this is “necessary” for a healthy democracy.
He clarified that he was “not talking about a particular group or party here” but about that type of culture.

PM Modi contrasted the Congress’s culture during the freedom struggle, and later, after Independence.
“The Congress at the time of freedom struggle had a culture which inspired the youth to sacrifice their lives for the country. But the culture of the Congress that emerged after independence has started appealing to other political parties. They feel that taking a certain path will prove to be successful – casteism, dynasty, corruption and exploitation, treachery and keeping complete control over power,” he said.


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