Mother and daughter murdered in Noida, juvenile son suspect

A 42-year-old woman and her 11-year-old daughter were found dead, with their heads bludgeoned, in their fourteenth-floor home in Greater Noida West, around 11.30 pm Tuesday. Police said the victims are suspected to have been killed on Monday night. They had been stabbed with scissors on the face and neck, and beaten with a cricket bat. The woman’s 16-year-old son, who is missing, is being treated as the prime suspect, police said, adding that an FIR has been lodged against unknown persons for now.

“We are looking at CCTV footage and electronic surveillance. The son is seen leaving the flat around 11.15 pm on Monday night, carrying a backpack. No other person is seen entering or leaving the flat,” said a senior police officer.

Police said they had recovered a bloodstained bat, scissors and clothes, purportedly belonging to the boy, from the house.

“The bodies were found in the bedroom on Tuesday night, but the murders appear to have been committed between

8.30 pm and 11.15 pm on Monday. Their heads and faces were smashed. The bodies have been sent for post-mortem

examination. An FIR against unidentified persons under IPC Section 302 (murder) has been registered. We have received some important leads in the case and action is likely to be taken soon,” said Gautam Buddha Nagar SSP Love Kumar. Police said the flat was occupied by the woman, her husband, their two children and the man’s parents. The family, who earlier lived in Noida, moved into this house about four months ago.

“The woman’s husband runs a tiles business and had left for Gujarat on Monday morning. His parents had left for Dehradun a day earlier,” said Ajay Kumar Sharma, SHO of Bisrakh police station. “Preliminary investigation points to the involvement of the 16-year-old son. Some froth was noticed near the girl’s mouth,” said a senior police officer.

“Rs 1.5-2 lakh in cash as well as the woman’s cellphone are missing. The cash was taken from the locker, but the jewellery was left behind. Forensic teams are investigating the evidence,” said Sharma. The woman’s phone has been switched off, police said.

Police sources said that the boy’s cellphone had been confiscated by his father in September. “He used to have a cellphone but his father took it away from him due to some problem with studies or school. After that, he would use his mother’s phone,” said a police officer.

The bodies were found after a PCR call was made around 11.30 pm on Tuesday by a relative who lives nearby. “The woman’s mother-in-law had asked the relative to check on the family as they were not picking up the phone,” said SHO Sharma, adding that when he reached the house, he found it locked, and there was a smell coming from inside.

Police said the woman had last spoken to her husband around 7.30 pm on Monday. According to CCTV footage from the building, the woman and her two children went out on Monday evening and returned around 8.30 pm. “In the CCTV footage, the son can be seen wearing a black jacket, T-shirt and pants. The same clothes were recovered from the bathroom, with bloodstains on them. CCTV footage shows him leaving the building around 11.15 pm. He appears to have changed into jeans and a sweater, and is seen carrying a backpack,” said the police officer.

“The motive behind the murder is still being investigated. Neighbours and some friends have said that the boy was aggressive.” Declining to speak on the incident, a family member, who is a complainant in the case, said, “We do not want to talk about this. We have said everything to the police.” Asked about the 16-year-old, he said, “There has been no incident in the past which would have pointed to such behaviour.”

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