Father saved his six-year-old son from human traffickers

A father saved his six-year-old son from human traffickers when he bumped into them in a shopping centre.

Cheng Jiafu was kidnapped from his family home nine months ago, from his family home in the Chinese region of Qingxin, where he was being cared for by his elder sister.

His father, Chen Zhonghong was at work at the time.

After the boy was taken by a stranger a huge search was launched for his missing son. It came up empty handed.

Nine months later, Mr Chen was walking through the Qingxin Town Plaza when he spotted the boy with three suspected human traffickers.

Immediately, he snatched his son back, before notifying the police, who arrested the trio, according to Qingxin News.

The men have been identified only by their surnames, Chen, Li and Ou.

They have been sentenced to two, three and six years in prison respectively.

The judge said he believed that the men intended on selling Jiafa to another family.

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