How to Avoid Being Mugged in Kuwait – 10 Practical tips

As we hear about mugging incidents on almost regular basis, specially areas like Salmiya block 10 and Abbasiya, We at Q8India thought we will come up with a list of use full tips which could SAVE someone being next victim of mugging in Kuwait 

1 – Avoid listening to music while walking. When walking in public, you should avoid listening to music on a cell phone or other personal listening device. The music could distract you from various dangers, and someone could take advantage of you as you’re listening to your music.

2 – Don’t play with your smart phone. While it may seem like a normal thing to do, playing with or checking texts on your smart phone could distract you. A mugger may see this and identify you as a potential victim.

In addition to your phone being a distraction, it might also be something a mugger wants to steal

3 – Look around. As you walk, make sure to look around. Walk with your head up and look from side to side occasionally. Ultimately, the more you are aware of your surroundings, the easier it’ll be able to avoid being mugged 

If you see someone suspicious or threatening, walk away from them.

Be careful turning corners. Try to make a long turn so you can see what’s around a corner before you turn it. After all, there could be a mugger waiting on the other side of the corner.

4 – Travel on well-lit streets. The more light on a street, the less likely a person will try to mug you without fear. As a result, stick to streets that have lots of light. In addition, avoid dark streets and dark areas of town.

Avoid shortcuts that are dark. Saving a couple of minutes isn’t worth jeopardizing your safety

5 – Travel with a group. If you think you’re in a high-risk location, you can lower your chances of being mugged by walking with a group. Muggers are much less likely to approach a group of people when they can simply target an individual.

6 – Seek help if you are being followed. If for any reason you suspect you are in danger or are actively being followed, you should seek help immediately. You can do this by approaching a nearby police officer or by walking into a restaurant, or Bakhala.

7 – Stay in well-populated areas. Muggers are much less likely to strike in places where there are a lot of people around. As a result, try to walk in areas where there are a lot of people

8 – Avoid displaying signs of wealth. Don’t wear expensive watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, or display electronics. In addition, keep as little money in your wallet as possible and don’t display a lot of money if/when you purchase something.

9 – Walk like a MAN. Move along a street or sidewalk as if you know where you’re going and know what you’re doing. If you walk in a timid and unsure manner, a mugger could spot you as a vulnerable person

10 – Don’t walk around late at night. Since there are very few people walking at night, you’ll draw attention to yourself by being on the street very late. Even if you’re with a group, you’ll increase your chances of getting mugged. Instead of walking:

Avoid looking around nervously as if you are unsure of where you are or what you’re doing.

Last tip but very important

If you ever happen to be victim of mugging, Never try to defend yourself from mugger, Remember those muggers might be under the influence of Drug or alcohol, So if they try to take some of your belogins like Mobile phone or wallet just handover and try to leave or run.  Many of the incident we know where the victim try to defend and get into fight with mugger and end up losing his life or will get serious injuries.

 Reader:  Feel free to add your tips to this list in below comment box


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  1. Irfan November 9, 2017 3:42 pm Reply

    Scream or call out loud and go for help if someone screams or calls you out…
    Do not trust ladies and small kids… people have been trapped and mugged by ladies and children as they call for help and take you to an isolated location, where you get trapped… never board a lift with unknown person (male or female)..

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