Life Again Foundation organized cancer awareness programme “Fight cancer with hope”

“Life Again Foundation” is a not-for- profit organization established to help and
inspire people who are in the pre/post transformation stage of terminal diseases. With
objective, the Life Again Foundation Kuwait chapter has organized cancer awareness
programme “Fight cancer with hope” on the occasion of cancer awareness month dated 28-
10-2017 at Sangeetha auditorium, Kuwait.

The event followed with yoga and meditation session from Heartfulness Kuwait.

Our motto is “One for One, We are there for everyone”, and it is our aim that this becomes
the universal dictum that our world will live by without barriers of race, colour or creed.

The event was sponsored by LULU HYPERMARKET. The well-organized event was led
by President “Mr. Venkat Koduri”.He promised to bring up many more such events in the
near future to meet the common cause of “Life Again”.

The event was started by lamp lighting, followed by a prayer song by Music teacher
Chitra.The Chief Guest of the event Mr.Mubark Al Rashed Al Azmi (Kuwaiti Singer) graced
the occasion with the promise of an all-time support.

The guest of honor, Mrs.Jyothi Suketh Patel made this occasion joyful and shared her
experience about the importance of fitness in our daily life.

Our Key Speaker, Dr.Susovana Sujith Nair (Oncologist, Kuwait Cancer Control Centre)
spoke about the causes of cancer along with diagnosis methods and prevention. The lecture
was informative via a power point presentation. In conclusion, she conveyed the message to
all women “Let us all together fight out the disease. The incidence of breast cancer is
increasing with all other cancer types, as well so let us know how to protect ourselves from
the risk factors. Let us do self-breast examination every month and seek medical attention in
cases of doubts and speculations. Let us know the fact that cancer is curable if diagnosed
early so why not opt for early diagnosis through awareness. Let us spread the positive
message cancers is curable and face the disease with faith in the Almighty. He is the Great

Another distinguished speaker (Ret) Dr.Masuda Khatoon (Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology (New Mowasat Hospital) spoke about general health of women and gave out the information that “Cancer has existed in history in silence. Its emergence in the world has become obvious when all the killers like tuberculosis, small pox, plaugempneumonia, leprosy have been provided the medical cure. The story of cancer consists of the stories of the recipients who have soldiered the fiercely demanding regimens of primitive surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy in order to survive and to increase our understanding of this iconic disease”. We need to gather these stories from our brave survivors and let them reach the rest of the population, higher authorities, and the policy makers as a means of campaign against cancer.

Sister Jeena Thomas (Pain Nurse) Kuwait Cancer Control Centre shared her experiences at
the hospital about the multiple types of pain relieving methods.

Mr.Alpesh Patel, yoga instructor showed breathing techniques and Mrs.Vyshali Patel simple
techniques of acupuncture.

Dr.Sumathy (Pediatrician – Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital) spoke on Meditation and
Oncology-Balance your life". Heartfulness Meditation – Sahaj Marg Kuwait of the Indian
Embassy registered and a worldwide organization existing in 130 countries with MEA
headquarters in Dubai supported the Cancer Awareness drive of the Life Again Foundation.

Heartfulness through their Trainers Dr. Sumathy Balaji gave a talk on Meditation and
Oncology – Balance your Life, gave insights on how Relaxation and Meditation can help in
managing Vital Health parameters like Heartbeat, Blood Pressure, stress and increase
positivity & self confidence in Cancer patients towards their speedy recovery.
Talks on meditation, oncology to balance your life, relaxation and meditation were presented
by all the guest speakers were informative.

Dr.Susovana Sujith Nair and Mr.Mubark Al Rashed enthralled the audience with their
melodious songs.

Mr. Balaji Srinivasan Heartfulness country coordinator gave a talk on Meditation & Wellness and made the audience Experience Heartfulness relaxation and Meditation. This is for free which can enliven all to a state of peace, calmness, and self-realization that after all cancer is not something to fear but to combat.

It was a wonderful event that has truly brought together individuals from all walks of life for
the common cause of “Life Again”. “One for One, We are there for Everyone” our motto has
been personified by the team members and Coordinators Mrs.Shiney Frank, Mrs. Vijaya
Nair and Mrs. Neethu Singh who have worked hard to make this event possible. This event
was covered in social media and “Gulf Babai “YouTube channel Kuwait Andhra daily
newspaper, and other local media. Photography by Mr.Silesh Kannath and Ishwar Babu from
Rak Media. A sumptuous dinner was served to conclude the event.



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