The Indian Community School – Amman, Pre-primary section celebrated WORLD FOOD DAY on October 18th 2017.

The greatest wealth is health. It starts from home. Children were asked to bring different types of HOME MADE FOOD. This was to make our children aware that homemade food items are not only tasty but also healthy, to our surprise all the students participated and brought variety of delicious Indian dishes.

We had different types of food Veg Cutlet, Veg Sandwich, Veg Spring Roll, Urad/dal Vada, Veg/Cheese Samosa, Sweet dishes included, carrot Halwa, Dry Gulab Jamun, homemade cup cakes/plum cakes Banana fry etc.

The greatest contribution was there from the Parents. They joyfully and enthusiastically sent food knowing that our children’s health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promote food access and good eating habits at home, at school and everywhere.

The food was arranged in the class as buffet-style. All the classrooms were filled with the aroma of food. Every dish was colorful and mouthwatering. It was a wonderful moment for the children and they enjoyed the day.


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