Raisina Hills Will Dazzle Every Night Now, Gets Makeover With LED Lights

The three iconic buildings -Rashtrapati Bhawan, North Block and South Block – located at the famous Raisina Hills are soon to get a permanent makeover. All three buildings have been adorned with dynamic – LED lights. The colour of these lights will keep changing every few seconds, making it a visual treat.

“A lit up Raisina Hills is now going to be a permanent feature during evening hours,” reveals an officer who is associated with this project.

According to him, to start with, the lights have started functioning at the Prime Minister’s Office and the South Block. However, work is still in progress in the North block, which houses Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Finance and Rashtrapati Bhavan. “All three buildings would be lit for few hours every day,” the officer adds.

Taking a cue from the Prime Minister’s Bijli Bachao Abhiyaan, the lighting has been done with energy saver LED. It has indeed made these heritage buildings more appealing both to the residents of Delhi and to the tourists who visit the capital.

The Ministry of Urban Affairs and the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) have worked on this project for almost a year now.

Sources in the Government said that a one-time capital expenditure in the entire project would come up to over 30 crores.

“The cost for this is not much as energy efficient LED lights have been installed. And for these only a minimum maintenance cost is going to be required. The lighting will make these buildings a must visit sight on a tourists itinerary,” explains one ministry official.

All over the world, historic sites like London’s Big Ben, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and many others light up during evening hours.

Currently, the area is lit up only on specific occasions such as Republic Day, Independence Day and Diwali.


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