86 Hindus killed, 200 families flee Myanmar

In the ongoing onslaught against Rohingya in Myanmar, at least 86 Hindus have lost their lives while over 200 Hindu families are reported to have fled to the forest areas to escape the onslaught of Burmese Army and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

This is what the migrant who managed to cross over to Bangladesh from Myanmar told local television reporters on Tuesday.

Claiming that houses of Hindu residents were also set on fire by the Army, the migrants are now taking shelter in Cox Bazar area of Bangladesh said that hundreds of innocent people have been killed in trouble-torn Rakhine state of Myanmar.

Admitting that majority of those killed and targeted are Rohingya Muslims, Kalu Seal, one of the migrants who managed to escape from Myanmar, claimed that the Burmese army and ARSA stormed into their localities and started killing hundreds of people by slitting their throats or stabbing them. After killing their family members, they burnt their houses only to let them escape with their life.

Another migrant, Ramani Dhar, was quoted by local television as saying that few masked men stormed into their village which changed the course of Rakhine State forever. Dhar blamed the Burmese army and ARSA for the fire that is turning Myanmar into ashes now.

It is significant that around 3,00,000 Rohingya have entered Bangladesh in last two weeks although Bangladesh has already been hosting 400,000 Rohingyas for three decades.

According to official statement of Bangladesh, currently the total number of Myanmar nationals living in Bangladesh has reached over 700,000, a huge challenge for Bangladesh.

Bangladesh had repatriated 236,599 Rohingyas to their homeland through a bilateral agreement in 1992 also.


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