KKIC Conducted ‘One India One People’ Seminar

Abbasiya. All secular people and parties should be united against the fascist agenda that destroy the concept of our nation’s Unity in diversity.  Fascism is against this secularistic concept and they try to destroy the peace and tranquility in the country. Kuwait Kerala Islahi Centre –KKIC conducted ‘one India one people’ a seminar at Abbasiya community hall as part of nationwide campaign started by Wisdom Islamic Mission.

India is going through very dangerous situation.  The government and its supporters are trying to destroy secularism and democracy. KC Mohammed Najeeb said presenting the topic.  The minorities like Muslims and Daliths have no safety in India and they are being brutally killed by fascists forces. Double standard of justice is viewed from the sacred judiciary. Government is supporting the corporate and ignoring the common people.  People are suffering a lot due to demonetization, beef prohibition etc.  All secularist should be gathered and fight for democracy irrespective of political and cultural difference of opinions. Speakers said in consensus. The conference conducted as a part of nationwide campaign conducted by by Wisdom Global Isalmic Mission The chairman of wisdom global Islamic mission PN AbdullatheefMadani was the moderator of the discussion. Faisal Manjeri (KIG), Varghese Puthukulanagara (OICC), Ajith Kumar (KALA), TP Abdul Azeez (KKIC), Ismail Vallyoth (KMCC) and Hamza Baqawi (Islamic Council ). NK Abdussalam welcomed the gathering and SakeerKoyilandi proposed vote of thanks.


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