Against all odds, transgender Joyita Mondal journeys from begging, sleeping on streets to National Lok Adalat bench

From a transgender who was forced to beg for a living at one time to turning into a social worker, it has been a long journey for Joyita Mondal. Now, some more good news has been revealed. Mondal has been appointed to the bench of a National Lok Adalat in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal. So, on Saturday, 8th July, when Mondal drove into the premises of Islampur court in a car bearing a red plaque stating ‘judgeship on duty’ it was the moment of a signal triumph over crippling circumstances. The elevation to the lok adalat bench was a significant moment for members of the entire community and LGBTQ population at large.

As per the report by Huffington Post, Mondal, who born as Jayanta, dropped out of a college in Kolkata to become a social worker after relentless taunts of her classmates. She also worked at a call centre with a prominent national bank, but that too didn’t turn out well for her. And as the trail of difficulties continued, she was forced to take to the streets to beg. She used to perform badhais at weddings and other ceremonies along with other members of her community. But eventually, life came full circle for Joyita. In an irony, she entered the court that was barely 5 minutes from the bus stand where she had slept in 2010 after hotels turned her away because of her gender.

Mondal was appointed by the office of the sub-divisional legal services committee of Islampur under the ‘learned judges’ category and at the Adalat, she will be working on cases related to bank loans. It was in recognition of her social work that she was given this position, Huffington Post reported.


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