Lawmaker slams KPC over plans to hire expats

MP Faisal Al-Kandari criticized Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) for reportedly fielding job offers for expatriates at a time when thousands of Kuwaitis remain in the unemployment line. “What is happening in the oil sector is a farce,” he proclaimed, saying in a statement to the press yesterday that KPC had contacted the Fatwa and Legislation Department demanding permission to appoint expat secretaries and administrative staff directly at a drilling company. “The problem is that the contract’s value is KD 4 million and will not go through the standard tendering process,” he added, wondering why no tender was announced.

Kandari added that KPC had recently laid off many expats with the excuse of rationalizing expenditure. He also noted that the concerned drilling company had been involved in various violations. Finally, Kandari urged Oil Minister Essa Al-Marzouq to subject whoever is behind this decision to legal accountability, especially since many unemployed citizens are waiting for a job opportunity in the oil sector.


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