This sketch by a 10 year old girl sent her ‘rapist’ uncle behind bars

A Delhi trial court took a 10-year-old child’s as a testimony of her being raped by her uncle, sending the convict to jail for 5 years. Proving that a girl had been raped by her uncle, two years after the crime, would have been very difficult, but a Delhi trial court relied on the child’s crayon sketches to convict the accused and award him five years in jail.

The 10-year-old from Kolkata was allegedly sexually assaulted by her uncle two years back when she stayed with her aunt. After alleged repeated assault by her uncle, Akhter Ahmed, she fled from their house.

Ahmed was arrested in June last year but his lawyer remained firm that the girl’s testimony cannot be taken as ‘competent’ and argued that she has been trained to accuse him of rape. But something unexpected during the hearing turned the case in her favour.

In the middle of the hearing, she was given paper and crayons to keep her occupied. What she drew there caught everybody’s attention. With her crayons, she sketched an abandoned house, a girl holding balloons, and a dress lying unattended beside her. The girl also filled gloomy colours in her sketch.

Seeing her sketches, additional sessions judge Vinod Yadav considered that it as the child’s impression of what she faced. As per a report in the Times of India, the judge said that if the elements of this drawing are taken into consideration along with the facts provided for the case, it becomes evident that she was sexually assaulted which has left a lasting imprint on her mind. It was thus that ASJ Yadav decided to consider the child victim to be a competent witness.


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