​KDNA Malabar Mahotsvam 2017 Raffle Coupon Released​

KDNA ​ ​Malabar Mahotsavam 2017 Raffle Coupon released ​by ​Smt. Sujata Shiva Krishan, Principal United Indian School to ​Azeez Thikkodi, Chairman Malabar Maholsavam 2017 and General Convener Sathian Varoonda.
To Showcase the cultural heritage of Kozhikode in conjunction with auspicious occasion of Liberation and National day of Kuwait, KDNA is planing to conduct FREE ENTRY full day mega program, its 6th Malabar Mahotsavam 2017 with variety of cultural & entertainment programs on Friday 24th February 2017 at “Kozhikottangai” Indian Central School open ground, Abbasiya Kuwait in presence of Kuwaiti and Indian guests and artists.[show_image id=”18611″ ][/show_image]


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