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Amir leaves for Bahrain to attend GCC summit

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah will leave for Bahrain today leading a Kuwaiti official delegation to attend the 37th Summit of the GCC Supreme Council and GCC leaders’ meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The summit is held amid quite significant regional challenges, affirmed Abdullatif Al-Zayani, the GCC Secretary General. These political, security and economic challenges warrant solidarity and cooperation among all the GCC member states and relentless action to attain merger among them, Zayani said in an interview broadcast by the official Bahrain News Agency (BNA) yesterday.

He indicated that agenda of the GCC summit, due on Tuesday, includes various files related to political, economic, security and social cooperation, as well as examining reports filed by the Ministerial Council, committees and the General Secretariat.

Current economic conditions constitute some of the major challenges facing the GCC states, he said. The GCC countries had already taken steps at this level, endorsing the joint economic treaty, setting up the common market and the customs union.
Elaborating, Zayani re-affirmed the GCC states’ resolve to face security threats. “They will not hesitate to take all necessary measures to safeguard their security, stability and defend their sovereignty and interests,” he stressed.

The GCC countries have taken an unwavering approach for upgrading their security and military potentials for defense purposes and safeguarding achievements that have been made throughout the years, Al-Zayani added.
He rejected, anew, foreign intervention in the regional countries’ affairs for such meddling contradicts with international laws and threatens the Gulf security and stability, noting the UN prime role in this regard.

On the Syrian refugees’ plight, he underscored the GCC countries’ efforts at the public and private levels to help them, noting that the GCC states along with other countries had pledged more than $7 billion to aid the Syrians. Kuwait had hosted three international conferences grouping countries pledging support for the Syrians affected by the war. A fourth one was held in London.

Regarding Yemen, Al-Zayani said the GCC countries had given substantial financial support for the legitimate government to help it deliver relief supplies to those in need in the war-stricken nation. For its part, Saudi Arabia had established King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid to coordinate humanitarian operations in Yemen, with a special budget estimated at one billion Saudi riyals.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifah yesterday expressed confidence that the summit will come up with resolutions to promote the pan-GCC integration, and joint action. These will be topped with carrying on with implementation of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s ‘Vision 2030’ for accelerating the pace of cooperation among the member states, and enhancing the bloc’s joint action, Sheikh Khalid Al Khalifah said in a press statement.

He noted that the GCC Ministerial Council in 2016 approved measures for the completion of the Monarch’s wise vision, and the leaders endorsed the formation of a joint commission to reactivate economic and development.

The Bahraini chief diplomat pointed to the pivotal role the GCC member states play on the regional and international scenes. The 37th Summit will be a good chance to consolidate this role, and further boost security and stability in the region, to maintain unity, development, and prosperity in the region.

Concluding the statement, Sheikh Khalid Al Khalifah praised the Saudi King’s presidency of the 36th Summit held in Riyadh in December 2015, which has helped achieve remarkable steps for the GCC march, to continue with strong resolute in the Manama summit till the bloc realizes the aspired integration and unity.

In the meantime, MPs of the Bahraini Council of Representatives have affirmed the importance of the upcoming GCC Summit in facing the rising political, security and economic tension in the region. The MPs agreed in various statements that the current unstable conditions in the Arab World, mainly the escalation of terrorism and the economic situation in the Gulf countries due to the drop in oil prices, require the GCC states to unite.

Creating unity between the GCC countries will prevent any outer intervention in the Gulf’s own issues, said MP Nasser Al-Qaseer. The Gulf states have the ability to become one of the top economic powers, as they possess huge financial abilities, strong infrastructure and opportunities for attracting foreign investments, he added.

MP Mohammad Al-Amadi said meanwhile that the GCC citizens are looking forward for the outcome of the 37th summit, hoping the leaders would take measures to create a Gulf union to face the growing challenges and threats in the region. Sharing one language is a key factor to create a strong economic union, he said.

On this matter, he mentioned the successful experience of the European Union (EU), despite countries of different languages and backgrounds. Meanwhile, MP Jamal Dawoud noted the importance of discussing means of resolving the unemployment issues among youth through executing joint-GCC economic projects.
In the meantime, Bahraini Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Humoud bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are heading towards a level of unity and further development. He further stressed the importance of the 37th GCC Summit to be held in Riyadh tomorrow, amidst the rising political, economic and security tension in the region. The ambassador hoped the summit will result in establishing the sought and the long-awaited Gulf union to face the challenges and threats and boost economy among the GCC states. – KUNA


Woman Raped In Broad Daylight On A Busy Road In Vizag As Passersby Turned A Blind Eye

A man was arrested on Monday after he raped a woman in broad daylight on the streets of Andhra Pradesh’s Vizag on Sunday. The entire incident was caught on camera, but it seems that passersby chose to ignore it completely.

 An NDTV report says that, in the video that has gone viral, 20-year-old Ganji Siva can be seen forcing himself on the woman, who was sitting on a pavement near the railway station.

An auto-rickshaw driver recorded the incident and immediately submitted it to the police, which resulted in the accused’s arrest. However, it is shocking that eye-witness didn’t bother stop the man from committing the crime.

 In the video, a lot of people can be seen passing-by but no one cared to stop and help the victim.

“The woman had left her home in Vepagunta near Pendurthi on the outskirts of Vizag after a tiff with her husband and had arrived in Vizag on a bus early Sunday. She took shelter under a tree on the pavement when Shiva assaulted her,” The Indian Expressquoted Inspector Ramana as saying.

 The investigating officer also reportedly said that though they received at least six calls to report the incident, but not one person made an effort to stop the accused.


Watch: 245 People Jumped Off A Bridge Together

In one adrenaline-loaded stunt, 245 people rope-jumped off a bridge in Brazil.

Attached to their harness, 245 men and women simultaneously leaped off a 30-metre-high bridge and swayed like pendulum in a world record attempt in Hortolandia, an hour from Sao Paulo.

Yet to be recognised by Guinness World Records, the group unofficially broke the previous record of a mass jump involving 149 participants, back in April 2016. The previous record was made at the same place.

Rope-jumping is an extreme adventure sport that involves jumping from a height while tied to a nylon rope which, unlike bungee jumping, doesn’t bounce back.


Rahul Gandhi vs BJP Goes Filmy: ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ And ‘Dramebaaz No 1’

Rahul Gandhi, who is campaigning in Gujarat today, borrowed from the BJP’s toolkit today by expanding GST, the acronym for the national sales tax, into “Gabbar Singh Tax”, christening it after one of India’s biggest fictional villains.

Rahul Gandhi said the GST has brought lakhs of small traders to their knees, a charge that the opposition has been levelling against Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of a composite takedown of his handling of the economy.

In Delhi, senior BJP leader and union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also drew inspiration from Bollywood as he described Rahul Gandhi’s party as “Dramebaaz Party Number One” (he said it belongs in the popular ’90s series of “Aunty No 1” and “Coolie No 1”) based on its aggrandizing of recent events in Gujarat.

Over the weekend, Alpesh Thakore, a newly-prominent young leader of backward castes in Gujarat, met Mr Gandhi at his residence in Delhi and said that he will join the Congress in the next few days. “They say a big leader is coming back to Congress party — when did he ever leave,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad, sharing that Alpesh Thakore’s father was a Congressman.

ravi shankar prasad
Ravi Shankar Prasad claimed that Alpesh Thakore’s father was a Congressman.
If Rahul Gandhi had “done his homework right”, the minister suggested, he could have saved the Congress “all the drama” in declaring that it has acquired a senior leader in Gujarat ahead of the state election.

The election in Gujarat will be completed by December 18, the Election Commission has said, though it has commissioned a major controversy by not yet announcing the dates for voting and counting. The Congress says this has been done to ensure that the PM has a large window to announce policies and projects that will skew voters towards his party, which has governed Gujarat uninterrupted for two decades.

Hardik Patel, the 24-year-old leader of the powerful Patidar caste, has announced his intent to work against the BJP for the Gujarat election, which places him on the same side as the Congress.

The BJP has been accused late last night by a new recruit in Gujarat of “buying him” for a crore – with a down payment of 10 lakhs that he showed off at a press conference. Narendra Patel is from Hardik Patel’s fledgling outfit that says it’s fighting for affirmative action policies for the Patidar caste, once a loyal support group of the BJP that feels backward castes have progressed at its expense. Narendra Patel said that he was given the cash over the weekend and told that the balance would be furnished by the BJP after he appeared publicly at an event led by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

The BJP has described the scandal as subterfuge by the Congress.

Community News


The Indian Community School – Amman, Pre-primary section celebrated WORLD FOOD DAY on October 18th 2017.

The greatest wealth is health. It starts from home. Children were asked to bring different types of HOME MADE FOOD. This was to make our children aware that homemade food items are not only tasty but also healthy, to our surprise all the students participated and brought variety of delicious Indian dishes.

We had different types of food Veg Cutlet, Veg Sandwich, Veg Spring Roll, Urad/dal Vada, Veg/Cheese Samosa, Sweet dishes included, carrot Halwa, Dry Gulab Jamun, homemade cup cakes/plum cakes Banana fry etc.

The greatest contribution was there from the Parents. They joyfully and enthusiastically sent food knowing that our children’s health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promote food access and good eating habits at home, at school and everywhere.

The food was arranged in the class as buffet-style. All the classrooms were filled with the aroma of food. Every dish was colorful and mouthwatering. It was a wonderful moment for the children and they enjoyed the day.

Kuwait Local News

Fuel price to rise by 47%

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) has presented a request to the concerned committee to review all kinds of subsidies related to fuel for November 2017 based on recommendation to increase the prices by roughly 47 percent due to recent hike in the global fuel prices, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources.

KPC presented fuel prices as follows: Premium (91 Octane) 125 fils per liter instead of 85 fils, Super (95 octane) 130 fils per liter instead of 105 fils, Ultra (98 Octane) 165 fils per liter instead of 160 fils, Kerosene 125 fils per liter, Diesel 120 fils per liter.

The same source said the committee intends to dismiss the request and maintain the current prices for Nov 2017 under the pretext that it contradicts the regulations instituted at the beginning of implementation of the decision concerning the prices of fuel, although it stipulated that prices may be reduced or increased as per change of conditions.

They reiterated that some officials are uneasy about raising the prices of fuel despite the current budget deficit, because they seek to maintain their political status at the expense of economic or financial reform.


Letter By Titanic Victim Sold For Record $1,66,000 in Britain

A record price of over $166,000 was paid at an auction in Britain for one of the last known letters to have been written on board the famous Titanic ocean liner.

Oscar Holverson, a US businessman, who was a passenger on the Titanic, wrote it on April 13, 1912, just before the liner hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage to New York in the early hours of April 15.

It is the only known letter, on headed Titanic notepaper, to have gone into the Atlantic Ocean when the ship went down, and survived.

Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge had given the letter a reserve price of between $80,000 and $105,000, but an unnamed British collector took the bidding to its record price.

The price beat the $157,000 paid in 2014 for a letter that had been written a few hours before the Titanic sank.

Holverson, described as a successful businessman, had written the letter to his mother during the voyage. He had boarded the Titanic at Southampton with his wife Mary and they were making their way home to New York.

Although his wife survived, Holverson perished in the disaster and his body was recovered later, with the water-stained letter inside a pocket book. It was eventually delivered to his mother.

In the letter, Holverson had described the Titanic as like a palatial hotel, and also mentioned seeing fellow passenger John Jacob Astor who he described as one of the richest man in the world. Astor also died in the sinking.

Aldridge, who runs a family auction business in Wiltshire, said content of the letter took to it to another level in Titanic memorabilia, because of its date, the fact it went into the Atlantic and the observations it contained.

He said even if the letter was virtually blank, it would still rank as amongst the most desirable, such as the nature of the paper, its markings and history.

Other Titanic items sold in Saturday’s auction included a set of keys belonging to a steward in the First Class section, which fetched $100,215 and two previously unpublished photos of the Titanic as it departed from Southampton. which were sold $31,650.


Honda Seeks Roadmap On Electric Vehicles Before Commercial Launch In India

Japanese auto major Honda Motor Co has started working on electric vehicles keeping in mind India’s push for such automobiles but said a clear road map is required for successful commercial launch. The company, which operates in India through a wholly- owned arm Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL), has already put in place a separate team in its research and division unit for electric vehicles since last year, a senior company official said.

“We are aware of India government’s push for all electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. Globally also there is a push for EVs. So we (Honda) have started working on development of such vehicles,” HCIL President and CEO Yoichiro Ueno told PTI here.

Honda has already stated that two-thirds of its global sales would come from electrified vehicles by 2030.

“Already Honda has set up a separate unit for electric vehicles in its R&D which will focus on development of both body and power train for electric vehicles,” Ueno said.

When asked how soon can the company commercially launch an electric vehicle in India, he said it would depend on many factors.

“We need a proper road map from the government, standardization of specifications and charging infrastructure are required,” he added.


International Children’s Peace Prize 2017: Know About The 10 Nominees From India

Little did anyone know that these kids in the age group of 12-17 years will make it to the nomination list of International Children’s Peace Prize 2017, an award presented every year ‘to a child who fights courageously for children’s rights. The nominees of 2017 demonstrate that children are changemakers.’ This year 10 Indian kids have been nominated for the prestigious award. On 4 December 2017, Kids Rights (the founder) will award the International Children’s Peace Prize 2017. Last year, UAE based Indian teen, Kehkashan Basu had won the award.

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai had won the award in 2013. Abraham M. Keita won the award in 2015 for his fight against violence to children. The first International Children’s Peace Prize was won by Baruani Ndume from Tanzania.

‘You don’t need to conform to a religion or speak a particular tongue to be educated; interest and curiosity to learn is enough to acquire knowledge,’ says the youngest of all nominees, 12 years old Sakthi. A school dropout, grown amidst poverty, Sakthi chose to create awareness among children and their parents about the importance of schooling.

The young crusader against child marriage and child labour, Shailendra (17 years old) has been successful for bringing 33 children back to schools, saving them from the clutches of child labour. He has also prevented 5 child marriages in his village. Nidhi has a similar story. The 15 year old girl from Bihar is the leader of a children’s group which deals with children’s rights issues.

Sumitra from Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) Odisha has made it to the nomination list along with 9 other children. A rugby player, Sumitra, has been training her junior since the Touraid Under 13 Girls International Rugby Tournament in London where she led the team to victory. ‘My vision of this world is where every child grows up to be a change-maker continuously aims to solve problems around them and gets to build empathy as a skill. This will change the world!,’ says the 17 year old girl from Odisha from KISS, a residential institute for tribal people.

Equally inspirational is story of Saleha, Poonam, Anand Krishna, Aitisha, Nikhiya and Kiran who have been advocating right to education, denial to child labour and creating awareness for hygiene practices. Anand Krishna’s ‘Bal Choupal’ has reached over 50,000 children. The organization provides books, without any government aid.


Tesla To Build Manufacturing Plant In China

Tesla has reached an agreement with Shanghai authorities that would make it the first foreign automaker to build its own plant in China, putting it in the driver’s seat in the world’s biggest electric-vehicle market, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Silicon Valley electric carmaker’s wholly-owned manufacturing facility would be built in Shanghai’s free-trade zone, the Wall Street Journal said, quoting unnamed sources with knowledge of the deal, and could allow Tesla to dramatically lower the cost of its cars in China.

China usually requires foreign automakers to set up joint ventures with local Chinese partners, which involves splitting profits and giving away some technology, though they also avoid import tariffs.

China’s electric-vehicle market is already the world’s largest and is expected to continue growing fast, especially since the government plans to require that all automakers’ sales include a certain percentage of electric vehicles from 2019.

Beijing is also mulling plans to ban fossil-fuel burning cars by an unspecified date, following decisions by France and Britain to outlaw the sale of such vehicles from 2040 to limit emissions.

No timeframe for the launch of the Tesla plant was given. Tesla had said in June that it was in talks with the Shanghai government and that it would detail its China manufacturing plans by the end of the year.

More than half a million “new-energy” cars were sold in China last year, and the government is targeting sales in the millions in coming years.

The Wall Street Journal said any cars built by Tesla in the free-trade zone would still incur a 25 percent import tariff.


Community News

Welfare Kerala Kuwait Conducts free medical camp

Welfare Kerala Kuwait North Farwaniya unit in co-ordination with Badr Al Samaa Medical Centre, Farwaniya conducted a Free medical camp on Friday from morning 7:00 am to 3:00 pm at Badr Al Samaa Medical Centre premises. 300 Patients attended the camp and availed the Free consultation services from specialist doctors, received medication and various laboratory checkups including, blood test, scanning, X Ray etc. The patients were also given Badr Al Samaa privilege medical card valid for one year all for free.

Welfare Central Committee General Secretary Vinod Pereira officially inaugurated the camp, Farwaniya Zonal president Abdul Vahid, Medical center Branch Manager Abdul Razack and Marketing Manager Nithin felicitated the function. CC members Majeed Narikkodan, Shoukath Valanchery, Girish Wayanad, Anwar Sadath , Rafeeq Babu and Zonal committee members Sameera Khaleel, Afthab Alam and Abdul Jaleel, co-ordinated for the smooth functioning of the camp activities. Farwaniya North Unit President Muneer Madathil presided over the function, social services convener Hafees Muhamad welcomed the gathering and camp general convener Shihabudheen proposed the vote of thanks.