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ReplyQ8 Admin 13.03 10:30
NEWS BITES: KUWAIT: A drunken policeman in uniform danced by the seafront with families and women around. A police patrol was sent to the area and arrested the policeman, despite resistance. He was sent to concerned authorities.
ReplyQ8 Admin 13.03 10:32
Cross-dresser caught: Patrol officers pulled over a car in the Rehaya desert and thought at first that the driver was a female wearing heavy makeup who was in an abnormal condition. The discovered later that the motorist was a 40-year-old male. Police fou
ReplyQ8 Admin 13.03 10:32
Police found heroin, shabu and three joints of hashish. He was arrested and sent to concerned authorities. In addition to drug possession and abuse, the man also faces charges of cross-dressing, which is illegal under Kuwait’s Penal Code.
ReplySimi 13.03 11:47
Is Shout box now news feed rather than sharing one’s thoughts!! I wonder if that was the "purpose" in the first place.. In my opinion, IIK is a better online portal than this one..switching off!
ReplyQ8 Admin 13.03 13:54
Simi Dear Simi: we respect your feedback. the purpose of this Shoutbox is to allow users to share their thoughts, However we intend to keep this area updated about tiny news feeds which doesn’t require a full article. Thanks for your feedback.
ReplyQ8 Admin 13.03 14:00
One of our visitor wants to know rules about Visit Visa for parents. Is it 50 years of age or people born before 1950 cannot get visit visa. please help this guy by answering.
ReplyQ8 Admin 13.03 14:16
Dusty Weather: Take caution due to bad weather General Directorate of Security Media Relations Ministry of Interior reported that the General Directorate of Civil Defence calls on Citizens and residents to take caution due to bad weather in some areas
ReplyPoonam 13.03 17:08
Hi Q8India This shoutbox concept is good. Keep up the good work. My sister’s kids have attended zugzwang camps in Bangalore They really liked. 120 Kd is slightly off limit for me. I have two kids. is there a way get reduced price?
ReplyTeam Q8India 13.03 18:58
Hi Poonam, We are glad that you find the shoutbox useful. Regarding pricing, we agree with you if there are more than one child need to attend it becomes a dent in the finance. But I know that they offer discount for Don Bosco students. continued…
ReplyTeam Q8India 13.03 19:01
I am not if you children goes to DonBosco school, if they are, then you are in a better position. Even if they don’t, it wont hurt to call them and inquire about possible discount.
ReplyNeil D 13.03 21:59
Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.Enjoy dusty weather Kuwait:razz:
ReplyNeil D 14.03 23:10
Any idea in April Residency, Traffic and Medical fees are gonna raise?
ReplyRaj 15.03 17:16
everyone is saying it’s April but not sure
ReplyQ8 Admin 15.03 18:58
GARAGE SALE – On 16th – 17th and 18th March 5 to 8 pm at Indian Public School, Salmiya – All branded Items will be sold
ReplyQ8 Admin 16.03 09:33
News Bites:An Indian man became nervous when he saw a police patrol, and ended up damaging eight cars in his botched escape attempt. He was found to be drunk, and had 130 locally-brewed liquor bottles with him.
ReplyQ8 Admin 16.03 09:34
NEWS BYTES: Two young men entered a grocery store, attacked the grocer, stole a carton of cigarettes and some money and escaped. The Indian told Jahra police that one of them was carrying a stick and beat him, before stealing the cigarettes and money
ReplyQ8 Admin 16.03 09:35
Garage Sale – Apparel Family and Friends starting tomorrow from 5 PM till 8.00 PM @ Don Bosco School, Salmiya from tomorrow to till 18th of March 17 Dune London brand Handbag, ladies shoes n men’s footwear on a very good price
ReplyQ8 Admin 26.03 18:51
UPDATES: Mr. Arif Jamil funeral prayer is on 28 march…day after tomorrow after Asr prayer In Sha Allah. Those willing to attend prayer are requested to pray Asr at the Masjid located outside main gate of Sulaibikhaat Graveyard
ReplyMessage from ICK Management Team 26.03 18:58
As you know, Br. Arif Jameel passed away early this morning. May Allah (swt) forgive him, have mercy on him and grant him Jannatul Firdaus Al-A’la…. Ameen… We request everyone to make dua for the departed soul. The burial will
ReplyMessage from ICK Management Team 26.03 18:59
in Sulaibikhat cemetery on Tuesday, 28 March 2017, after Asr prayers. The condolence meeting for the ICK community will be held after Friday prayers in Masjid Al-Othman, Kuwait City, on 31 March 2017.
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