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1Eunice D153
2Abhishek Rastogi151
3Sana Ibrahim150
4Sym Jo149
5Adnan Tonse148
6ayesha rafath145
7sabiha abdul144
8Santhosh Jaocb142
9Eric Olivier134
10fathima nazer127
11Hina M126
12Sayad Imran122
14haseeba fathima114
15Lucia Pinto112
16Arkula Hasan110
17Nayyer Zamma109
18omira Aslam107
19Faya Hy105
20mohammed aslam100
Hala Treasure Hunt Shout Box
ReplyEunice D 20.02 20:36
Best of the luck for the winner. Leaving to home. Catch u all tomorrow. 🙂
ReplyQ8 Admin 20.02 20:46
ReplyQ8 Admin 20.02 20:47
md Mudassir Dear Mudassir, if you see the top scorers you will understand that we have more than 100 Treasures hidden – keep looking you will find it ! – Good luck
ReplyKeshav 20.02 20:52
@Eunice D: why are you going now, keep searching. you are doing good job !
ReplyEunice D 20.02 20:59
I quit. Last moments search is not possible. Need to reach home.
ReplyQ8 India 20.02 21:08
Eunice : You still have time and please continue your hunt, you might be the winner 🙂
ReplyTonse 20.02 21:09
Fortunately for me, I just reached home 😀
ReplyQ8 Admin 20.02 21:30
Today’s lucky winner is ADNAN TONSE with 128 treasures. Congratulations to the WINNER !
ReplyENFREME CARVALHO 20.02 21:32
Yaaaay.. another relative 🙂
Replysabiha abdul 20.02 21:36
congrats !
ReplyTonse 20.02 22:13
Wooohoooo!.. Thank you! 😆
ReplyTeam Q8India 21.02 07:25
Congrats Adnan!
ReplyNick 21.02 12:07
Some people get jealous of others successes 😉
Replyayesha rafath 21.02 15:18
hi sir where are images adding every day is it in recently added news or in old ones also
ReplyQ8 Admin 21.02 16:21
ayesha rafath The treasures are being added on both new and old pages on daily basis – Good Luck
ReplyEunice D 12:48
Short by 1 to reach 150. 🙁 , But in the last someone will take the 1st place 🙂
ReplyKeshav 13:04
Good luck Eunice D – we really want to see you WIN :mrgreen:
ReplyEunice D 13:09
Hopefully if all the icons are available b4 5:30.
ReplyNick 13:11
Good luck guys! keep hunting 😀
ReplyNick 14:48
Madam Sana Ibrahim you not goona win today ! Eunice good luck man 😎
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